Dog Stories

By Rudyard Kipling

ISBN: 9781847493972

288 pages

RRP: £7.99 £6.39

Throughout his life, Rudyard Kipling was fond of dogs, and while they featured prominently in early tales such as ‘The Dog Hervey’ and ‘Garm – a Hostage’, he later came up with the innovative idea of writing a story from the perspective of a dog, resulting in the hugely successful ‘Thy Servant a Dog’, narrated by an Aberdeen terrier named Boots.

This collection, published in the author’s lifetime, gathers Kipling’s dog stories written throughout his career, providing a warm tribute to man’s best friend and showcasing the lively storytelling talents of one of Britain’s most enduringly popular writers.

Contains: ‘Private Learoyd’s Story’, ‘Garm – A Hostage’, ‘The Power of the Dog’, ‘Quiquern’, ‘ The Dog Hervey’, ‘Dinah in Heaven’, ‘The Woman in His Life’, ‘Four-Feet’, ‘Thy Servant a Dog’, ‘The Great Play Hunt’, ‘Toby Dog’, ‘The Supplication of the Black Aberdeen’, ‘His Apologies’, ‘A Sea Dog’.


  • Kipling’s stories of dogs are … deft and charming, bubbling with fun, touched with pathos, full of acute observation. Their cleverest feature is the limitation of the dogs’ world. The human beings are seen through their eyes only.

    The Times

Rudyard Kipling

Famous for his tales of adventure in British India, Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) is one of the most popular writers of all time and the first English-speaking recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature.