By Virginia Woolf

ISBN: 9781847498106

128 pages

RRP: £5.59

Written after Woolf had finished her emotionally draining work on The Waves, Flush purports to be an autobiography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s eponymous cocker spaniel, charting the dog’s early days in the countryside, his adoption by the famous poet, his subsequent life in London and his travels with his owners to Italy.

While the resulting narrative is light-hearted and playful on the surface, Woolf ingeniously uses the faux-naif impressions of her animal narrator to voice her social criticism on topics such as the class system and the relationship between man and woman. Much like its predecessor Orlando, Flush is a genre-defying blend of biography and fantasy, and an accessible yet stylistically innovative jeu d’esprit.

Contains illustrations.

Part of 101-Page Classics series of Great Rediscovered Classics


  • A brilliant biographical tour de force

    The New York Times

  • Flush is not so much a books by a dog lover as a book by someone who would love to be a dog.

    Quentin Bell
    Virginia Woolf: A Biography

Virginia Woolf

The most famous member of the Bloomsbury Group, Virginia Woolf (1882–1941) was a novelist, essayist and critic. Her writing established her as one of Modernism’s leading exponents, as well as a pioneering feminist. Her most famous works include To the Lighthouse, Orlando and Mrs Dalloway.