Mozart’s Journey to Prague

By Eduard Morike

Translated by Leopold von Loewenstein-Wertheim

ISBN: 9781847494580

280 pages

RRP: £7.99

While on a journey with his wife to Prague for the opening night of Don Giovanni, Mozart is caught picking an orange on the grounds of a stately home. But when the resident family find out who they are dealing with, they are delighted to be in the presence of the celebrated composer and invite him to their daughter’s wedding.

Mörike’s vivid and imaginative depiction of a day in the life of Mozart captures both the humorous and the more fragile and pensive side of the Austrian genius.


  • A masterpiece in European literature, a novella to set beside Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice or Tolstoy’s Kreutzer Sonata.

    George Steiner
    The Observer

Eduard Mörike

After a career as a clergyman, Eduard Mörike (1804–75) became one of the most prominent poets of his day, also penning prose works, notably the novellas The Painter Nolten and Mozart’s Journey to Prague.