Nikolai Gogol Collection

By Nikolai Gogol

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The Nikolai Gogol Collection includes four great works by one of the leading figures in nineteenth-century Russian literature:

Dead Souls

Translated and annoted by Donald Rayfiled, Emeritus Professor of Russian at Queen Mary University of London

A biting satire of social pretensions and pomposity, Dead Souls has been revered since its original publication in 1842 as one of the funniest and most brilliant novels of nineteenth-century Russia. Its unflinching and remorseless depiction of venality in Russian society is a lasting tribute to Gogol’s comic genius.

Petersburg Tales

Translated by Dora O’Brien

Also including the ‘Diary of Madman’, these Petersburg Tales paint a critical yet hilarious portrait of a city riddled with pomposity and self-importance, masterfully juxtaposing nineteenth-century realism with madcap surrealism, and combining absurdist farce with biting satire.

How the Two Ivans Quarrelled and Other Russian Comic Stories

Translate by Guy Daniels

A great collection of stories where the most irrelevant-seeming details and turns of phrase take on a bizarre life of their own.

The Government Inspector

Translated by Roger Cockrell

Often quoted as Russian literature’s greatest comedy, The Government Inspector is a trenchant satire of the corruption, greed and stupidity of petty officialdom, and the crowning achievement of Gogol’s skills as a playwright.


Nikolai Gogol

One of the leading figures in nineteenth-century Russian literature, Nikolai Gogol (1809–52) is best known for his satirical masterpiece, Dead Souls, and humorous plays and short stories such as The Government Inspector and The Overcoat, written in a highly original and often experimental style.