The Confusions of Young Master Törless

By Robert Musil

Translated by Christopher Moncrieff

ISBN: 9781847493545

250 pages

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As the nineteenth century draws to an end, young Törless is sent to a military boarding school for the sons of the nobility on the eastern outreaches of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Far from his comfortable, free-thinking bourgeois home and left to his own devices, he experiences the joy, pain and self-doubt of adolescence. He is confronted with desire and love, but also his own cruelty, as he finds himself participating in his fellow pupils’ bullying campaigns.

A dark Bildungsroman which shocked its readership at the time, Robert Musil’s first novel is a fresco of psychoanalysis, philosophy, eroticism, snobbery, sado-masochism and schoolboy humour, a hothouse of alternately repressed and unchained desires that prefigures the carnage of both World Wars.

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Robert Musil

Robert Musil (1882–1942) was an Austrian writer whose unfinished novel The Man without Qualities is now considered one of the most important works of European Modernism.