The Theatre and Its Double

By Antonin Artaud

Translated by Victor Corti

ISBN: 9781847493323

160 pages

RRP: £7.99 £6.39

First published in 1938, The Theatre and Its Double is a collection of essays detailing Antonin Artaud’s radical theories on drama and theatre, which he saw as being stifled by conservatism and lack of experimentation.

Containing the famous manifestos of the ‘Theatre of Cruelty’, the collection analyses the underlying impulses of performance, provides some suggestions on a physical-training method for actors and actresses, and features a long appreciation of the expressive values of Eastern dance drama.

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  • He has had an impact so profound that the course of all recent serious theatre in Western Europe and the Americas can be said to divide into two periods – before Artaud and after Artaud.

    Susan Sontag

  • This smart reissue of Victor Corti’s 1970 translation is welcome, offering a new generation access to Artaud’s vision of theatre as total art form … Even after all these years, it still sends shivers down the spine.


Antonin Artaud

Antonin Artaud (1896–1948) was a French playwright and poet. He was a leading figure in the Surrealist movement and, despite a divergence of ideas, remained a dedicated Surrealist all his life – devoting his time to the study of the problem of the conflict between man’s physical and intellectual natures.