Two Books by Edmondo de Amicis

By Edmondo de Amicis

Translated by Stephen Parkin

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Discover a great Italian author, Edmondo de Amicis who at his time was considered one of the greatest travel writers. Constantinople and Memories of London are a great example of his writing ability and they are considered classics of travel writing


Described by Orhan Pamuk as ‘the best book written about Istanbul’ is more than an average guide: it is a cinematographic view of late-nineteenth-century Istanbul

Memories of London

Memories of London brings back to life all the bygone charm of the capital of the British Empire. De Amicis’s impressions are paired here with a piece written by one of his contemporaries, the French writer Louis Laurent Simonin, which leaves the city’s opulence and grandeur behind and offers an uncompromising look at the poverty and squalor of its most deprived areas.

Edmondo de Amicis

The poet, novelist and travel writer Edmondo de Amicis (1846–1908) began his career as a soldier, before switching to journalism. He is now best remembered for his collection of children’s stories Heart of a Boy.