The Jane Austen Quiz

Do you think you know your Jane Austen stuff? Well, we’ll see! Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge about Jane Austen and her works. If you get some of the questions wrong, don’t worry, you’ll be the only one to know! You can play this quiz anonymously or, for a chance to win The Complete Jane Austen Collection (8 volumes), you can sign up as a register user, and (if you are new to Alma) get a personal discount coupon too! So good, luck and – no cheating and no Wikipedia, because the score doesn’t matter to win the Austen set – only a bit of luck! If you complete the quiz as a registered user, you will be automatically entered in our competition and notified if you win. See below for more details. ENDS 25TH JULY. (Please feel free to invite one of your friends to try their luck with the Quiz.)

The witty and sharply satirical novels of Jane Austen have an influence that shows no sign of waning, with continual adaptations and echoes in contemporary culture, and an ever-enthusiastic audience.