After-Supper Ghost Stories

By Jerome K. Jerome

ISBN: 9781847496225

264 pages

RRP: £6.39

As they relax after dinner on Christmas Eve, members of Uncle John’s family and their guests turn to telling stories about their encounters with ghosts. These supernatural accounts range from the melancholy to the humorous and get increasingly bizarre as the companions get drunker and the talk turns to spirits allegedly residing under the very roof of the house they are sitting in – and one of them decides to investigate whether these apparitions are fact or fiction.

A masterful work of comic horror, Jerome K. Jerome’s After-Supper Ghost Stories is presented here with other pieces that showcase the author’s wit and brilliance.

Contains: ‘After-Supper Ghost Stories’, ‘Evergreens’, ‘Clocks’, ‘Tea Kettles’, ‘A Pathetic Story’ and ‘The New Utopia’.

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Jerome K. Jerome

A English writer and humorist, Jerome K. Jerome (1859–1927) wrote a range of plays, essays and novels during his lifetime and is best known for the classic comic work Three Men in a Boat.