By Alan Burns

ISBN: 9780714549200

128 pages

RRP: £7.19

Buster was the first, and arguably the most traditional, work of fiction by Alan Burns – dating from before his aleatoric style developed into “cutting up”, but displaying early examples of the trademark disjointed, brisk and biting style which earned him a cult following. Imbued with autobiographical sentiment, the novel shows a young man’s upbringing during World War II and his disillusioned vision of the post-war world.

Never before published in standalone volume form since its original publication in the inaugural New Writers anthology in 1961, Buster is characteristically succinct and of huge literary merit, but in its autobiographical and pre-aleatoric style it provides, perhaps more importantly, a key to understanding the rest of Burns’s works.

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  • Alan Burns’s novels deserve the attention of serious readers.

    David W. Madden

  • One of the two or three most interesting new novelists working in England.

    Angus Wilson

Alan Burns

A trained lawyer, Alan Burns (1929–2013) became a celebrated novelist and playwright, loosely associated with the 1960s British experimental circle of writers led by B.S. Johnson. He is best known for Europe after the Rain (1965), Celebrations (1967), Babel (1969) and Dreamerika! (1972).