The Haunted House

The Haunted House

By Charles Dickens

ISBN: 9781847494337

160 pages

RRP: £6.39

Having moved into an abandoned haunted house, the narrator, undaunted by the warnings of the locals, invites a party of friends over; on Twelfth Night he and his guests gather together and relate the supernatural experiences they have had. The resulting ghost stories thrill, shock and amuse by turns.

For this work, commissioned for his periodical All the Year Round, Dickens enlisted some of the era’s most famous writers, including Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins, to collaborate with him on this Victorian supernatural classic.

Contains: ‘The Mortals in the House’ by Charles Dickens, ‘The Ghost in the Clock Room’ by Heshb Stretton, ‘The Ghost in the Double Room’ by George Augustus Sala, ‘The Ghost in the Picture Room’ by Adelaide Anne Procter, ‘The Ghost in the Cupboard Room’ by Wilkie Collins, ‘The Ghost in Master B’s Room’ by Charles Dickens, ‘The Ghost in the Garden Room’ by Elizabeth Gaskell, ‘The Ghost in the Corner Room’ by Charles Dickens.

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  • The Haunted House is of the utmost significance for anyone interested in exploring the genius of Charles Dickens.

    Peter Ackroyd

Charles Dickens

A literary phenomenon in his lifetime and renowned as much for his journalism and public speaking as for his novels, Charles Dickens (1812–70) now ranks as the most important Victorian writer and one of the most influential and popular authors in the English language. His memorable and vividly rendered characters and his combination of humour, trenchant satire and compassion have left an indelible mark on our collective imagination.